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Glitter ice is Specialized in the cleaning and Sanitizing of Ducts central air conditioning and cleaning Kitchen Exhaust.

Glitter Ice has the trained technicians and chemicals necessary which is approved by Global Health Organizations for the safe use to implement such projects & business using modern professional equipment.

We are pleased to give you a brief summary of the services that we do in this area:

Air Conditioning Duct cleaning & sanitizing .is . Linked with the public health , as well as to preserve the work of refrigeration and heating smoothly and purity and the delivery of air into buildings , whether residential or commercial ones, with the need to be free of dirt, dust accumulated inside these channels , which are causes a lot of diseases such as asthma , allergies and diseases respiratory and especially to children and people who have such diseases in advance , and in the long run is made up of many kinds of bacteria and fungi within these ducts because of the humidity, which need to be processed and sanitized using materials dedicated to the removal of such plankton and others.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Cleaning process of kitchen exhaust & fans is the process of removing grease and oils which are accumulated inside the duct of suction as well as the fans suction exhaust Foreign which cause the weakening of the suction force required to pull the fumes resulting from the cooking and grilling and frying inside the kitchen, which leads to lack of exit these fumes and gases from the kitchen , as well as the presence of oil and grease on the fans over from high temperature, causing a weakening of its work effectively or cause a fire as a result of the presence of accumulations of these substances , especially with the lack of cleanliness League program prevents it.

Our Vision is to be the First Choice HVAC & KITCHEN EXHAUST CLEANING Service provider delivering the best service to our clients and achieve customer satisfaction beyond their expectation.

We aim people to think first of GLITTER ICE, when there is any service issue with their Air-conditioning system Cleaning needs. We believe on " Give & Take" policy. We deliver the best service for our clients and in this way we aim at being the market leader in the Middle East Asia.
We undertake the Mission of increasing quality of human life by adopting innovative technology; environment friendly products & customer Oriented services to the world.