Welcome to Glitter-Ice

Glitter ice is Specialized in the cleaning and Sanitizing of Ducts central air conditioning and cleaning Kitchen Exhaust. Glitter Ice has the trained technicians and chemicals necessary which is approved by Global Health Organizations for the safe use to implement such projects & business using modern professional equipment.

Air Conditioning Cleaning, Why choose Glitter-ice?
Glitter-ice is specialized air Conditioning cleaning and sanitizing service provider…..
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Our Products

Our Glitter-ice certified technicians use advance cleaning & sanitization products that are environmentally friendly, bio-degradable, non-corrosive (won’t damage your fragile air conditioner parts) and are non toxic; important if you suffer from Asthma.

Our Technicians

All Glitter-ice technicians are certified, professional and tidy.

Benefits after Glitter-ice Service

Save you money – Glitter-ice services will immediately restore efficiency, reduce energy costs and even extend the life of your unit Peace of mind – Glitter-ice service delivers peace of mind to you, your staff, your customers and your guests with a 12 month mould free guarante.